Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Island media model of good governance?

Kia orana all,
After my last clumsy contribution to an email discussion regards issues facing the Cook Islands media industry I thought I would express apologies again to all concerned.
And try again!
In the end, I did not get around to making a submission to the select committee - too many parliaments not enough time. However I will try to get something to government in some form or another.
In the meantime, I am concerned that a senior member of the industry profession is saying he would not support re-establishment of a journalism association.
I can only compare this with the news that journalists in New Zealand are holding their first convention in twenty years this weekend.
Twenty years!
By comparison, journalists and media workers and managers in the Cook Islands and other island states have been a model of good governance, meeting dozens if not hundreds of times in the last decade. In retrospect, I think it is little short of astonishing what has been achieved nationally and regionally in a short space of time with very limited resources.
It is my hope that some debate can be continued centred around recognising those achievements and the fundamental fact that no industry is an island and needs to reach out to colleagues and even competitors.
Burying our heads in the sand is not an option. Too many hurricanes for a start.
Enough for now, but also like to pass on feedback from the media audience that coverage of corruption and other issues is proceeding in feisty fashion, on to it!
Kia toa,
Jason Brown

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