Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Robert Fisk on PMC's YouTube

If you missed out on the inspiring luck with British foreign affairs journo Robert Fisk at AUT University on Tuesday, then check us out at the Pacific Media Centre YouTube channel and also our stories on PMC Online. Te Waha Nui has also provided some coverage by its editor, James Murray. Fisk's video about the US "Warrior Ethos" was been top-rated within a couple of hours of it being posted.

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avaiki nius agency said...

. . . was it just me, or was anyone else disturbed by Fisk's declaration that prospects in the middle east are "hopeless."

This is a dangerous viewpoint for any journalist to examine and report events from, it seems to me, at least.

Sure, he's seen more of the middle east than I have coconut trees, but to declare something "hopeless" is to stake out an extreme position, akin to for-us-or-against-us absolutism.

Aren't we supposed to keep an open mind?

Or are left-wing media liberals unwittingly bolstering right-wing status quo by endlessly claiming reform is a desperate or even "hopeless" task?

. . .