Monday, January 19, 2009

Re:5884 VANUATU: PMW condemns assault on publisher

You never mention the continual abuse of the Vanuatu Media Code of Ethics by Marc Neil-Jones. How can you claim balanced reporting when these proven facts are ignored, and you simply choose to report the story from a one-sided perpective?
While ALL violence should be condemned, provocation through poor reporting and the pre-judging of individuals with a constant trial by media, as witnessed in the pages of the Daily Post, also can't be supported by the community.
Have you ever questioned the high incidence of "problems" Neil-Jones brings on himself, especially when compared to the 100 or so media practitioners who report on the same issues and are never attacked ?
Will you be doing a follow up centered on media ethics in the Pacific? You may also want to write on the topic of social destabilisation as caused by irresponsible journalism and reckless reporting.

Marke Lowen
Vanuatu News
Port Vila


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