Saturday, February 21, 2009

China Daily online editor joins AUT on exchange

Staff reporter: Pacific Media Centre

A China Daily online editor arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, today on a semester-long exchange study internship with AUT University's School of Communication Studies.

Beijing-born Wang Nan, 28, a cultural affairs editor on China's culture website also assists the chief editor.

"My job is to introduce China’s beautiful places which are worth a visit and to profile delicious Chinese food, people’s lives and many interesting things," she says.

"If you want to know more about common Chinese young people’s life, just ask me - don't hesitate!"

For five years, graduate journalists from AUT have worked on three-month internships on the China Daily's websites and several have gone on to full time jobs with Chinese media or news organisations elsewhere in Asia.

In return, AUT has hosted China Daily staff on exchange, mostly in the Business Faculty.

Wang is the first China Daily staff person to join the School of Communication Studies and she will be attached with the AUT Pacific Media Centre during her stay in New Zealand.

Her family name Wang means “king” in the Putonghua language and Nan is a variety of tree and represents good health.

She has worked with several AUT journalism graduates in Beijing and she found the most recent internee, Cameron Broadhurst - who also did an internship with the Jakarta Daily Post in 2007 - the most helpful.

"Cameron gave me much help for my trip to Auckland and he told me he was sure it would be a great adventure for me. I look forward to it."

While at AUT, Wang - who holds a BA degree in English language and literature from Beijing International Studies University - will be doing a series of design and media papers.

Her chief interests include painting and photography.

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