Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PMC's director criticises NZ 'bluster' on Fiji

95bfm's Bjornar caught Pacific Media Centre's director David Robie on the hop just before the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) special leaders meeting to discuss the region's strategy over Fiji. Dr Robie gave wide-ranging views about the Pacific media and politics and was highly critical of Australia and New Zealand's regional "bluster".

>> Listen to Bjornar's interview

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest that Bainimarama turn to China and learn from its economic achievement if Australia and NZ try to bully the Pacific Island country.

The problem in Fiji is not about the coup but historical, dated back to colonialism. If Australia and NZ are genuine then they must be flexible and try to solve the root cause. In this way, they should work with Bainimarama.

If there is a rush to democracy then Fiji will face another coup in the future.

Mathew Yakai